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Donations Page:

All donations go directly towards Tenleigh’s medical expenses. To make a donation, please go to the bottom of the Donation Page.

Tenleigh’s Medical Expenses:

Overall, due to Tenleigh’s rare condition, our family is required to travel approximately 2,242 miles round trip for medical care at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). Furthermore, our family drives from Pana, Illinois to Boston, Massachusetts every 6 months to have her growing rods lengthened by Dr. John B. Emans. Additionally, Tenleigh was also admitted at BCH for 38 days undergoing Halo-Gravity Traction and growing rod insertions. Overall, our family was away from home for 59 days.

Prior to January 07, 2020, Tenleigh’s medical care was continuously managed by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). However, after the life-threatening complications Tenleigh endured from (MAGnetic Expandable Control) System (MAGEC) growing rods, we transferred Tenleigh’s care to Dr. Emans at BCH. Ultimately, this required us to change insurances to one that was accepted by BCH. Unfortunately, Tenleigh does not have a secondary insurance plan for the remainder of the medical bills.

Unfortunately, we have never received any type of Family Medical Leave, resulting in unpaid time off. In addition to medical bills, expenses include but are not limited to gas, food, lodging, parking, medications, toll fees, equipment, etc.

Altogether, Tenleigh has been through 25 surgeries and counting! Overall, Tenleigh will continue to have surgery every 6 months until she is done growing. Additionally, she has also been through countless procedures, infections, and hospitalizations.

Thank you for your help in saving Tenleigh’s life!

tenleigh's troops donation page
Tenleigh’s Troops – Bent But Not Broken

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Tenleigh's Troops Donations Page
Tenleigh’s Troops 2nd Weekend Benefit

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” — Dr. Seuss

tenleighs troops donations page
Tenleigh’s Troops 2nd Softball Tournament Benefit.

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Tenleighs Troops

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