Parenting a Medically Complex Child During a Pandemic

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Tenleighs troops Platform: Raise awareness of spondylocostal dysostosis, klippel — feil syndrome, and thoracic insufficiency syndrome. FURTHERMORE, TENLEIGH’S TROOPS ALSO PROMOTES advocacy and support!

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Parenting a Medically Complex Child During a Pandemic

It is not about thriving; some day’s parenthood is just about surviving.

Parenting a Medically Complex Child During a Pandemic:

First, the following article contains information regarding parenting a medically complex child during a pandemic. There are so many mixed emotions as we continue through this COVID-19 pandemic. 2020, the year of the infamous coronavirus pandemic. Half of the United States is bunkering down in preparation for the long haul, while the other half is making a mockery of the deadly virus with conspiracy theories. The pandemic is a first for every person, from every country in the world and it doesn’t look like it is going to be disappearing anytime soon. We’re all doing the best we can with what we know. When we know better, we will do better. There is no absolute certainty of what this world will be like once we return to “normal”.

Social Distancing & Self Quarantine.

Social distancing and self-quarantining is a way of life for many like us, while some have never hit the pause a button a day in their life. It is quite literally causing people to go crazy. Without a doubt, the amount of individuals suffering from PTSD is likely to sore through the roof once this pandemic is over.

parenting a medically complex child during a pandemic
Tenleigh on the 33rd floor at the Avalon Apartments in Boston, MA.

Boston Children’s Hospital.

Until January 30 2020, the information we knew about the coronavirus came from the news and hospital. Although people were not in a state of panic yet, it was quickly becoming “trending” especially once visitors were recommended to wear masks and take precautions. However, being among the high risk in a children’s hospital kind of prepares you for the worst-case scenario. On February 14, 2020, Tenleigh was discharged due to increasing numbers of hospitalizations, Tenleigh’s respiratory risk factors, and the miraculous overall improvement. February 24, 2020, aka “Judgement Day”, Tenleigh was cleared to go back to the Midwest.

One more day

God himself had to be watching over us that week. After our successful appointment with Dr. Emans, we spent the evening reflecting on the last two months living in Boston. Although many would assume that we would be eagerly packing the Dodge Caravan, the three of us were trying to milk it for just one more day in the city. I mean what could one more day hurt, right?

parenting a medically compelx child during a pandemic
Mama, Dad, & Tenleigh Our last night in Boston, Ma


Furthermore, that one-day became Boston’s Super spread of the coronavirus outbreak less than a ½ mile from our apartment. Individuals from all over the world came together for a conference meeting for Biogen. In summary, within two days the virus-infected approximately 100 people that traveled to their homes, kissed their loved ones and infected their communities. Overall, the Biogen conference quickly became one of the first hot spots in the united states. Luckily for us, that one day ended up better spent curled up in the jammed packed van.

Parenting a Medically Complex Child During a Pandemic -COVID-19.

During our first month home, the infection uncertainty lingered, especially due to all of us experiencing colds back in February. Eventually, the days turned into weeks, and guidelines became established, the anxiety eased. However, the precautions remained. We have not seen some of our family members since December 2019 and know that it will be even longer for us than most due to being high risk. Although we have not personally witnessed the trauma of living with COVID-19, the impact is still indefinite as we hear the horror stories develop worldwide.

Pana Strong! We are in this Together!

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I am not an expert mom who has all the answers. I am the mom who cannot stop looking for them.

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Haylee Shrake

Haylee is the creator and blogger of Tenleigh’s Troops. Shrake also has been a Nurse Technician since 2009 with experience in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. The previous place of employment was at HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital in Springfield, IL.

The platform of Tenleigh’s Troops is to bring awareness on to spondylocostal dysostosis, klippel – feil syndrome, and thoracic insufficiency syndrome. In addition to spreading awareness, Tenleigh’s Troops also promotes parental advocacy and support.

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